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Texas Saltwater Fishing on Matagorda Bay

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March 11 -- March has been awesome but the past few days have been EPIC! My clients have been landing 5lb -7lb Trout by the gords, but the last few have been Hogs! Yesterday Jeff Dirzinoski landed this beautiful Trout that went 30" and 9 lbs plus released her to live on and lay those eggs, what a beautiful fish she was. Today I had the day off so me and the wife hit the bay and caught many slot reds and Trout, but almost my last cast of the day I landed this beauty pictured below that went 28 1/2" at 8 1/2 lbs. I released her likewise to let her go do her job keeping the bay with those Trout eggs. Our prime times are here and April and May will be phenomenal for these Trophy fish. My go to's are Down South Lures and Chicken Boy Jerk Shads with a 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz jig heads. Ive been using those great Out Cast Rods the past year and that Slime model that Matt Harmon makes is probably one of the most sensitive and comfortable rods I've ever used. He's a stand up guy and makes a quality rod for every purpose. I appreciate you all for reading my reports, Spring has came and it is awesome so come on out and join me. Take a kid fishing and introduce someone new to the great outdoors. I can accommodate anyone and if lures aren't your style the bait camps are beginning to carry live shrimp so we can go by boat and pick it up over at Jimbos, Joey Kennedy keeps it full of live shrimp if the shrimp are out there to be caught or over at Charlies Bait camp, and Charlie stays on them shrimp too. I'll be launching out of Sargent for the remainder of the year and mostly fishing East Matagorda Bay. So if your coming out of Houston or College station, etc, it'll be a quick ride for you to get down here.
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Jan 31 -- The last two days of January started off with a bang for us, and February will be epic for us. Les Mcdonald landed a solid 28" 8 1/2 lb hog trout and on his next cast a very nice 6lb Trout, so I marked the drift. We circled back around and made another drift on the same line and stayed on the the same line and landed several more 4-5lb Trout and nice Reds for the remainder of the day, we pretty much left them biting. Repetition definitely pays off this time of year. Water temps in that area were just a few degrees higher in that location, and a few degrees makes all the difference in the world. We released all the larger Trout to live on and continue on laying those eggs. They were just too full of row to throw in the ice chest and we were definitely not lacking any fish. les took the measurements of the fish to make a replica and had plenty of photos to share for now on. The photos of the other people with Travis Wallach and his gang plus James Tesch with his group were also awesome likewise with many nice trout and Redfish likewise, the action has not stopped for us by any means and tomorrow we are going to go back and do it again, "The Awesome Months are here". Now we jump on into February and now is the time these Trophy Trout really start packing on the pounds. They will continue holding this weight on into May before the heat starts to set on us. If your wanting that trophy fish of a lifetime now is the time. February, March, and April are going to be awesome! We haven't even reached Spring yet so I cant even imagine how promising Spring will be. We are catching just as many Redfish as we are Trout, they are all mixed together, and those Reds make it just as exciting. The Reds are feeding on crab for the most part which is why they are very bright orange in color, and our Trout are eating those sand eels up, so we are pretty much throwing any plastic that comes close to matching the hatch such as The new Chicken Boy jerk bait called the Whippin chicken and Down South plastics.

Thank you all for reading the report and looking forward to many more with all these great days we have coming up. I have so many photos over the past few days so I'm going to put the remainder in the replies just under the report. I have days open in February, March and April so give me a shout and we'll get after them. "Don't forget to ask about the winter and spring time specials".



Jan 28 --- What a cool group of doods right here. Joey Mendez and his son Mario plus Miguel and Joshua. Mario is in the Army and going back next week so let’s Thank our soldiers, good respectful guy here and it was good to see him get his line pulled all Morning, and let’s pray for his safety. All the young fellas stayed busy and learned quickly how to chunk a Down South. There was no color favorite to the fish, we were in beautiful green water, almost too good. All i had to do was find... a ledge and bam, it was on, location was everything today, miss a ledge and you’ll not find a fish.I struggled until 10 am until i figured out what the heck was going on. A head scratcher when there was no bait to be seen today and I mean none so I knew they were digging up sand eels somewhere and they were . Anyhow a good day and good peeps from Sweeny Tx.
We are in our prime months. Feb, March, April are going to be banner. For available dates contact me. “Don’t forget to ask about the winter time special. Great cost and great fun”.
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