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Texas Saltwater Fishing on Matagorda Bay

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Sept 21.....We've been having some great numbers of Reds drifting and wade fishing the cuts, plus the Flounder are showing up. Looking forward to some great Fall fishing!! Soon the birds will be working ad things are getting right. Lets get out there and do this.
Capt. Hollis Forrester



Aug 9 ...... Despite this Bright Bright full moon we've had this week the fishing has been pretty good, so were not complaining. Pretty much the same tactics, drifting in the deeper water with live shrimp or Gulp under a Midcoast Cork, or if were going artificial Downsouth lures or Big Nasties with a 1/4 oz jig head to get it down as deep as possible as it warms throughout the day.
Thanks For Reading The Report, give me a shout and lets go fishing.
Capt. Hollis Forrester


Aug 3.....Fishing has been great drifting the mid bay reefs using Down south lures and Live shrimp. The winds have been low and the mornings have been pleasant to fish. Come on down and fish with me, it's been good and things are right!
Thank You for reading .
Capt. Hollis Forrester


July 15.....Fishing has really began to pick up again being that the barometric pressure has began dropping once again. Drifting and wading with Down South Lures and Big Nasty lures has been working well, and for the back up if they get stubborn it's always hard to beat Gulp or live shrimp under a mid-coast popping cork. We are getting away from this full moon which means great fishing to come, were fixin to slam em . Come on down and join me for these great days coming up, "you'll love it out here" !
On the side note , I've had one heck of a past 5 weeks due to rotator cuff surgery, what a beast of a recovery/surgery that is to overcome , I think I've finally got that one on the downside and finally getting able to actually cast. That's like putting me in the cage if you know what I mean, but a relief to actually being able to use this arm once again!
Thank You All for reading the reports and looking forward to fish with ya.
Capt. Hollis Forrester


June 1 ......... Excellent fishing here lately drifting or wading using Down South Lures, Big Nasty Lures, and Gulps under a Mid Coast Cork. We've had some Bull tides here lately and the winds have finally given up Thank goodness. The Red fishing has been out standing and have been catching several over sized that have been hitting the 30" mark and what a rod bending fight that is. Flounder have been pretty thick likewise, there's nothing better than those on the grill no doubt. Bring the family and friends and come on down here to enjoy this great action we've been having. Absolutely Beautiful right now.

May 26.......We had an excellent bite this morning at day break. Tried for the top water bite for an hour or so, but soon realized that wasn't going to happen. Switched over to Down South Lures and Big Nasty Lures and began hammering the Redfish. We finished with all of our limits of Reds by 9:00 am. and by then the flounder began to bite right along with the Reds. The fishing was great until the tide changed at noon which switched to a slow outgoing tide. From then on everything Decided to lay up and get a little lock jaw on us. Tide is a major factor right now, specially the way the water temps are creeping up. You fish by the tide or you might as well not be fishing at all so study those tide charts. Position yourself where your going to get water current, that might be at a point or around the inside of a gut, or if you drifting. Fishing on the drop offs or ledges next to shell pads can produce excellent current . The tide keeps that bait moving, so when the bait is active so are the fish.

Good Luck and enjoy the great outdoors and introduce someone new out here. I do have openings so give me a shout and get on down here and fish with me.


May 23.....We've been on some good numbers of Redfish here lately throwing plastics and live shrimp, plus the bonus fish "Flounder". These winds have been a beast on us here lately, but day by day they've been dropping gradually and I mean gradually being very conservative . When June comes around we'll be begging for a breeze so you kind of have to take the good with the bad. When the water does get sandy the chatter of a mid coast cork under a Gulp, live shrimp or plastic will help ring the dinner bell for those stubborn fish, but when the conditions allow I'm going to throw a Down South plastic or a Big Nasty Plastic, the uglier the water the darker plastic I'll throw. As far as the tides go, we are finally getting our water back. Last week we had to face some scorching low tides which made it difficult on some of the wade trips, specially when the winds cranked up past 20 mph. Drift fishing has been producing well even in the off colored water. That water clarity bothers the fisherman more than it bothers the fish and I'm no fan of gin clear water anyhow regardless of the situation.

That about sums it up for me the past few days. The fishing has been good and just getting better as we progress out of the tail end of Spring. Introduce someone new to the great outdoors. Anyone can do this and I'll be happy to teach you how, they'll love it out here.

Stay Safe

Capt. Hollis Forrester,





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