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Nov 03 -- The past few days have been wonderful and it's just going to get better with this mild fall weather. Very easy limits of Big Flounder , Reds and Trout wade fishing or drifting areas that have been producing for me for years using Down South Lures or Gulp under a Midcoast rattle cork. The tides have been way up which generally makes it tougher fishing because it scatters the fish a bit, but that hasn't mattered really. The next cool front we have is going to make the fishing outstanding and remain outstanding. We are going to see a banner year with our big Trout haunting those beautiful flats and we are ready. Come on down and join me Drifting the birds or wade fishing the flats and don't forget the youngsters, everyone loves this time of year. Thank You for reading the reports and be looking to many more.




Oct. 17 - Well the fishing has been wonderful no doubt and the customers have been pleased but what really stuck out to me more than anything the past few days was this beautiful Bald Eagle we spotted and I got to take a photo of on the ICW next to the edge of the bay. He was on the hunt and I'm sure he did his fair share of catching. It wasn't the best photo in the world but he would not let me get to close to him, first one I've ever seen in the Bay. Other than that the top water bite has still been great at day break then we've been moving over to plastics "Downsouth" or gulp/shrimp under a mid-coast rattle cork. The birds are cranked up in certain areas of the bay and one more big tide dump and the fishing is going to be out of this world. We'll be wading and drifting the the shore lines for the big girls and drifting mid bay for our numbers. This fishing is for everyone so come on out and join me. For Available Dates Contact Me At: 979-236-3115

Oct 7 -- It has still been a very very good top water bite in the mornings the past few days and to me there is nothing better. After that we've been movng to plastics such a Down South Lures or Gulp under a MIDCoast rattle cork. The birds are working very well and there have been many slicks too wade or drift with very easy limits on Trout, Reds and Flounder. This is no doubt the time of year and will continue on trough out the Fall and Winter. We are catching many quality Trout and Reds so no doubt Trout up to 29"-30" will not be uncommon for us. The fishing is hot and the weather is nice and cool so gone are the days of suffering in that heat for the remainder of the year. I can accommodate anyone you'd like to bring so don't forget about the kids or the wife to join in on these great days. We'll be launching out of Sargent for the remainder of the year fishing East Matagorda Bay so if your coming from up north it will be an easy quick drive for you. I appreciate you reading the reports and look forward to many more. For Available dates contact me at:
Capt. Hollis Forrester 979-236-3115





Oct. 2 - The fishing has been awesome drifting or wading with the official kick off of Fall Fishing. The Top Water bite has been spectacular while wading and then we've been moving to Down South Lures as the top water bite dies down throughout the day with many quality fish, it's going to be a great year and we are going to be catching some big Trout this fall and winter, I'll say it's going to be a record breaker. As far as drifting has been, well it's been awesome too and pretty much drifting deep shell or fishing working birds and the birds are kicking off in full force so I am excited because I love to fish those active birds. Now is the time to be out here, the mornings are nice and cool and the days are not nearly as hot as they were just a few weeks ago. Come on down and enjoys these great days on the water, I can accommodate anyone that would like to come, this is for everyone! Thank You all so much for reading the reports and look forward to many more. For available dates contact me with the info provided below.

Capt. Hollis Forrester 979-236-3115

Aug 27 -- Despite the scattered thunderstorms we've been having in East Matty Bay here lately the kids and the grownups I've had on my boat here lately have been catching plenty of fish and having the time of there lives using live shrimp, Gulp or throwing plastics for Reds,Trout and Flounder. I've been drifting the drop offs and fishing the working Pelicans over big schools of finger Mullet and shrimp. Any time now our birds will be working full fledge and your talking about the greatest days to be out here, that is the time!!! There is nothing better than drifting through huge groups of working Gulls watching the shrimp pop out of the water getting hammered by hungry Trout and Reds. Anyone can enjoys this style of fishing, the kids love it, heck anyone loves it because it's awesome so book it while the days are open. Also it's time to begin wading and drifting those shorelines for those trophy Trout and Reds plus the bonus Flounder the will begin stacking up in front of the guts and drains. We are going to have a record breaking year down here in this extremely healthy complex, the size and the health of these fish is remarkable already and the Bay is loaded with shrimp and baitfish. Thanks For Reading The Report and look forward for many more to come. The good days are here! For available dates, give me a call....!


Aug 10 -- Excellent past few days with 2 different groups of kids with their Fathers. With the rising tides in the mornig we've been fishing the ledges in East Matagorda from shallow water to deep water using Gulp or Live shrimp under a Midcoast rattle cork for the kids and my lure chunkers have been using Down South Lures over deeper scattered shell pads. I've been fishing as much tide current I can find around points and cuts and its been paying off well with easy limits of Trout and Reds plus the good bonus fish the Good Ol Flounder. The fishing is firing up, the birds are beginning to work in certain areas which is early but there is so much shrimp in the bay, we have an extremely healthy complex right now. I Thank You all for the support and reading the reports. Look forward to many more to come as we roll into our best time of the year to be fishing. For available dates contact me


Aug 8 -- We've been holding very steady with easy limits of Trout. This week we've had several quality Trout hit the boat in the 6lb and 7lb range and many great healthy fish in the 3 and 4lb range likewise. We've been drifting the drop offs and ledges in the bay using paddle tails and Down South Lures or Gulp and live shrimp under a MIdCoast rattle cork. Locating the current on this incoming tide in the morning has been key to me and fishing the water streaks next to deep water has been key to me. I do have some openings during the week next week and scattered dates that are open throughout this month and next month so give me a call and we'll find a date that will work out for you. I can accommodate anyone you'd like to bring so get them out here to enjoys these wonderful fun times out here. The Kids are loving this so introduce someone new to the fishing world, they will get hooked! The Star Tournament is still going full fledge so lets go gettem.

Thank You For Reading The Report And Looking Forward To Many More.

I launch out of Sargent Tx, so it's an easy quick drive from the Houston area and an easy run into East Matagorda Bay.

For Available Dates Contact Me At: Capt. Hollis Forrester



August 1 -- We're still on them steady and only getting better in East Matagorda. covering lots of ground making long drifts and locating fish over shell in the deeper areas of the bay has been paying off Throwing Down South Lures or Gulp and live shrimp under a Midcoast rattle cork. The Trout and Reds have funneled into some of the deeper guts and giving it up with steady feed slicks. The kids here lately have been really enjoying these trips because its been easy for them to join in on the action and will continue so do not forget the wife, kiddo or someone new to join in on the action. I can accommodate anyone so give me a shout for a great time on the bay. "There are still 34 mores days left in the CCA Star Tournament, lets do it". Thanks for reading the report and looking forward to many more.

For available dates contact me at: 979-236-3115 - Capt. Hollis Forrester


July 11, 2016 -- The past few mornings have been beautiful cutting across the bay at daybreak watching the sun come up while underway to our destination to fish, making those first few cast and immediate hook ups on hungry fish. It's hard to explain how nice and exciting it's been out here lately, words could not ever explain.
Making long drifts in the deeper water of the mid bay areas have been paying off best. Down South Lures, Gulp or live shrimp under a Mid Coast popping cork have been the go to's while I've been targeting slicks and water streaks as my locator for the Trout, Reds and Flounder. Limits of Trout and Reds have been relatively easy to get plus landing those great bonus Flounder have been exciting likewise. Drifting these fish have made it easy for all my customers to enjoy. We haven't been needing to wade to catch these fish therefore the kids have been really enjoying this action right along with us. For the remainder of the year this technique will continue on to prevail so don't forget the kids. I will do wade trips if you'd like to do so, it really does not matter to me. I can accommodate anyone that would like to join.
Thank You for reading my reports and look forward to many more. For available dates contact me and we'll get your party set up for some great times out here,

Capt. Hollis Forrester

June 28 - The past few days we've been drifting the deeper waters of East Matagorda and the action of the Bigger Trout and Reds has been great. Getting Numbers and locating the schools of fish has been pretty easy, as soon as I can dial in on the fish during a drift it's been on! The bay is full of shrimp and small finger mullet but more prevailing over certain deep shell pads than others. The mornings have been very nice and the bite has been wonderful at day break and the fishing continues to be excellent. The Star Tournament is in full throttle so bring the family and enjoy these days out here, I can accommodate any you would like to bring so don't forget the kids, "They'll Love It Out Here"! Thanks for reading the report.
For Available days contact me at 979-236-3115.
Capt. Hollis Forrester



June 20 -- We are solid solid with nice limits of Redfish and Trout using Down South Lures and Gulp drifting over the deeper shell pads in East Matagorda. Though it has been a full moon this week it has not bothered us at all and now that it will be over with soon it will only get better for us. This summer is very positive with a very healthy bay. The Shrimp and baitfish are thick and the fish are healthy. Enjoy this with me and take a kid fishing. They'll not ever forget it. Thanks for reading the report.
For available dates give me a shout.
Capt. Hollis Forrester


June 12 -- Our Summer time patterns have definitely set in with Very Nice Trout coming along with it. I've had several drift trips this week and some very quick limits hitting the boat fishing the drop offs in the bay and also fishing water color changes from clear to sandy water which have remained top notch for those bigger Trout and Reds using Down South Lures and Gulp under a Rattle Cork. Redfish, Flounder and really nice Trout have been staging over scattered grass beds while wading using our favorite colors in Down South Lure such as Key Lime, plumb and the old trusty Red and white.
I appreciate everyone reading the reports, call me for some available dates and I'll get you in in some of this great action. It's been hard to beat.





May 31-- It's Been Solid Solid ! Both Wade fishing and drifting have been plentiful. Easy limits on Trout and Redfish with Live Shrimp , Gulp , or Down South lures over shell pads and deeper grass beds while drifting. While Wading the Redfish, Trout and many many Flounder have been abundant likewise. There is so much baitfish in the bay right now it is somewhat unbelievable, I do not think I can recall in my time the amount of shad concentrating on the mid bay reefs and shore lines sustaining a very very healthy East Matagorda Bay. We have came into our Summer time patterns and it's time for the whole family to enjoy. The kids have been loving these days so don't forget to bring them along, "they will love this"! Thank You for reading the reports and look forward to fish with you.
Capt. Hollis Forrester



May 15 -- Steady limits of Trout drifting or wading. The past few days we've had absolutely no wind which have made us slow drifting plastics such as Down South Lures bumping them off the bottom on shell bottoms plus Gulp under a rattle Mid Coast Cork have done well. If we were wading a top water early in the mornings then shifting over to plastics have been hard to beat also. Days remain open in May for now and on throughout the Summer. Give me a shout for some great days on the water, it's great out here!
Capt. Hollis Forrester

May 8 ---- The end of our Spring and creeping into the beginning of or Summer months has been nothing but a Big Bang with awesome fishing trip after trip. We have been producing easy limits on both Trout and Redfish wether it has been wading or drifting. Wading over sand pockets and grass beds have been producing well using Down South Lures or Gulp depending on water clarity. As far as the drift fishing from the boat it's been hard to beat drifting over deep she'll pads and drop offs from the flats into the deeper areas of the Bay using Gulp under a Mid Coast Cork or live shrimp. East Matagordas fishery is in excellent shape with many big Trout and not unusual to catch 5lb to 6lb Trout and Reds daily. The 7-8lb fish have not been unusual likewise so we're definately not lacking any Trophy fish this year, it has been one heck of a year no doubt as this weather gets more consistent and more predictable as we roll into summer. I can accommodate any one you'd like to bring on these trips so don't forget to bring the kids or the wife to enjoy some of this great action, they will get hooked and will remember this forever.
I sure appreciate you all reading my reports and Thank all my sponsors. All of you have been fantastic.
Captain Hollis Forrester - - 979-236-3115

April 24 --- Despite all the fresh water in the surrounding areas the bays are in excellent shape . Has not mattered, either drifting or wading have been producing well over shell or grass beds using live shrimp, Gulp, Or Down South Lures. The action is great and is just getting better. Give me a shout for a great day on the Bay, it's been great out here.


April 10 --- Our Springtime fishing has been great, yes it has been windy the past few days but these late fronts are petering out very quickly which has made them weak and not effecting the fishing much. We've been on solid limits of Trout and Reds drifting or wading using Down South Lures or Gulp and Live Shrimp under a Mid Coast Popping cork. East Matagorda has been in excellent condition with lots of great fishing ahead of us, the fishery is in great condition out here. I do have open dates in April and May so give me a shout and we'll find a date that can accommodate you. Thanks for reading the report and look forward for many more to come....Capt. Hollis Forrester


Feb 29 --- What can I say other than the fishing has been great and it's now that time of year to the kick off of an excellent upcoming Spring. We have been catching easy limits on Trout and Reds while drifting using Down South Lures or Live Shrimp or Gulp under a Mid Coast Cork. Mostly just drifting open cuts next to deep water access has been key in East Matagorda. As far as the wading has been its been great likewise using Down South Lures until after this latest cold front we had hit us over the weekend, but that all will be straightened out by this upcoming Monday when we get our water back. Other than that just gear up for an exciting Spring, the bay is in excellent shape with many fish to catch. I do have openings all through March and April and on. Take a Kid fishing and introduce someone new to this great world out here, they will love it out here.

Thank You For Reading the report and look forward to many more.

Capt. Hollis Forrester






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